The Leading Advertiser of Purchasing, Procurement, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Warehouse Jobs

Just who is the leading online advertiser of Purchasing, Procurement, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Warehouse Jobs?Other sites claim to be the leader on their websites, on Google advertising, or on media directories. But don’t be fooled, dig a bit deeper, get passed the cheap words. Ask, on what basis is a job site the leader?

If a site other than ours has been recommended to you as the best place to advertise, ask why? On what basis are they the best?

Lets get to the point. We are the leading online advertisers of purchasing, procurement, logistics, supply chain, and warehouse jobs based upon:

Longest established
More jobs advertised
More monthly visitors
More registered candidates
More applications generated
Highest Internet search engine rankings
Highest Independent website rankings

In fact, the only thing that we are aware that we can be beaten on is price. Some competitors do charge a bit less. But for us it is not just about advertising jobs, it’s about generating applications. We support your ads with dedicated account managers who will monitor your activity to ensure that the response if maximised. You see, it’s about success.

You would probably be amazed by the size of the leadership gap in our markets. Unfortunately, whilst the Internet is a fantastic recruitment tool, it also lowers the barriers and allows less credible sites to create a facade. Employers can end up saving a few pounds initially, and then having to spend money again doing it properly.

The Internet is ideally suited to job advertising and job search, and with more and more job seekers relying exclusively on the internet to find their next job opportunity internet advertising is essential for any serious recruitment activity.

We advertise jobs on behalf of Employers, Niche purchasing & Supply chain recruiters, Purchasing & Supply chain divisions of large general recruiters, Media Buyer and Agents.In fact we advertise more supply chain, purchasing, logistics, and warehouse jobs than any other Internet job sites in the UK.

All of our activity is focussed in this area, and our sites include:


We are the only UK business dedicated exclusively to online advertising of supply chain, purchasing, and logistics jobs.

You can register online and post your job directly, or email your job description to and we will take care of everything for you. Either way your job will be picked up and managed by an account manager who will monitor the performance of your job ad and help to maximise its performance.

We are experts in the areas of supply chain, purchasing, and logistics, as well as in Internet advertising and recruitment and we are always happy to provide advice about specific online recruitment campaigns or skill availability and salary levels, etc.

Just call us on 0845 130 1928 or email enquiry@supplychainrecruit.comWe also operate market leading supply chain, purchasing, logistics, and warehousing job boards in North America, and all parts of mainland Europe.

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