, Leaders in Public Sector Purchasing & Procurement Job Advertising

When it comes to advertising jobs, job boards usually offer a “one size fits all” approach.

Many advertisers understandably do not recognise the very distinct challenges faced when advertising purchasing or procurement jobs in the public sector. However, public sector jobs demand careful care and attention if responses are to me maximised.

Gavin Jones, Sales & Operations Manager at commented, “The target audience for a public sector job is always less defined and accessible than the audience for a job in the private sector. You could be forgiven for suggesting that the candidate audience for a public sector job is easier to define than that for a private sector job, given the perceived homogeneous nature of the various elements of the public sector, but the suggestion would be mistaken. Public sector campaigns are fundamentally different animals and require a specific set of tools in order to be consistently successful. To combat this has researched the most successful techniques for candidate attraction to public sector purchasing and procurement campaigns. We can recommend specific solutions designed to deliver exceptional performance when advertising public sector purchasing or procurement roles.

For us this is not just about advertising jobs, it is about successfully delivering the results required by the employer, and that means delivering applications from relevant candidates. Some job boards place jobs on the Internet and then sit back. At placing the job online is just the beginning of our process. Once the jobs are online we then actively support the candidate attraction process through our activity monitoring and management systems. That’s why we lead the market in public sector purchasing and procurement job advertising in the UK.”

Whether its Private or Public sector, advertises more purchasing, procurement and supply chain jobs than any other niche job board.

Supply Chain Management International Ltd operates job boards in the UK, Europe, and North America.

Sites include:






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