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Steve Crosbie, Managing Director at job board operator Supply Chain Management International Ltd reflects upon the state of the job board market as we approach the end of 2009. It seems as if there is an insatiable appetite for individuals and companies to launch job boards. You do not have to trawl the Internet too […]

Supply Chain Management Exposed

By Steve Crosbie, Managing Director of The concept of Supply Chain Management is relatively new and in this article we seek to provide a basic understanding of the origins and components of Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain Management as a concept has been widely accredited to a Booz Allen consultant named Keith Oliver who […]

The Leading Advertiser of Purchasing, Procurement, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Warehouse Jobs

Just who is the leading online advertiser of Purchasing, Procurement, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Warehouse Jobs?Other sites claim to be the leader on their websites, on Google advertising, or on media directories. But don’t be fooled, dig a bit deeper, get passed the cheap words. Ask, on what basis is a job site the leader? […], Leaders in Public Sector Purchasing & Procurement Job Advertising

When it comes to advertising jobs, job boards usually offer a “one size fits all” approach. Many advertisers understandably do not recognise the very distinct challenges faced when advertising purchasing or procurement jobs in the public sector. However, public sector jobs demand careful care and attention if responses are to me maximised. Gavin Jones, Sales […]

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